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The Sanctuary Space Project has grown out of getting to know the communities of Hengoed and Cefn Hengoed over the past eight years. It is a response to community consultations, informal discussions and identified local authority and national priorities.


The Sanctuary Space will:

- Offer a space to address loneliness and social isolation;

- Offer volunteering opportunities and experience for getting back into work;

- Offer a safe community gathering place, where all are welcome;

- Offer counselling and group support sessions;

- Offer practical help;

- Demonstrate partnership working across the third sector;

- Have a clear vision for the local community, informed by the community and supported by the community.

To enable this to happen, the building will also need to undergo a transformation.  We are working with CADW, the Baptist Union Listings Committee, the local authority and many other agencies to restore the Grade II listed building to a safe, warm and dry place for community use.  Adaptions will be made to ensure that it is accessible and toilet facilities will be installed. All work will be undertaken with respect to this building’s significant heritage, so that it can be a community and historical asset, to be accessed for generations to come. 

Sanctuary Space_Community.jpg



The benefits of the Sanctuary Space will be seen across the generations. Carer and toddler groups will meet to address loneliness and encourage social interaction.


Support groups will be established for parents/carers of children.


Youth sessions will continue to be run, which will offer a safe gathering place off the streets, where advice and support may be accessed free and without judgement.


A Dementia Café will help support those who care for people with dementia and be a safe place for people with dementia to socialise.


People who are out of work will have the opportunity to develop skills and experience through volunteering at the Sanctuary Space.

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